Wednesday, March 26, 2014

World Vision & My Thoughts

For the record, I probably am not going to say anything different or better than Jen Hatmaker or Rachel Held Evans. And even if I do, I think their posts on the topic deserve to be read, thought through and discussed.

Rachel's Post:

Jen's Post:

Following Richard Stearns announcement that World Vision would allow same sex married couples employment, I felt a sense of elation...and then immediately wanted to head for the hills. I knew it was coming. If there was any prayerful, calm dialogue it was drowned out by the rabid howling of the  loud mouths who yearn for the opportunity to prove what a truly dedicated Pharisee they are. It doesn't matter if it is the same people over and over again, it doesn't matter if they are a majority or minority...they holler the loudest and therefore get the most attention. And because they get the most attention, everyone decides that this is the Christian stance.

This kind of mentality explains why a "church" of approximately 40 people (mostly related) can get as much media attention as Westboro Baptist Church has in the last decade. 

Last night I read an unconfirmed report stating 2000 children's sponsorship had been dropped since Stearn's announcement. TWO 24 hours.

Guys...I can't figure it out. I read my New Testament...and I just can't figure it out. I don't see Jesus responding this way. I don't see Him reacting this way. I don't see him caring for widows and orphans this way. I read the New Testament and read about Jesus eating with prostitutes and tax collectors, chilling with Samaritans at the well, touching lepers...and I've got to tell you, the Jesus I see may not have agreed with the sin in their life but it didn't stop Him from building relationship with them! And because He built relationship, their lives were changed.

I guess what I'm saying, regardless of how you feel about the LGBT community, if you call yourself a follower of Jesus, you are called to build relationship with them. Not scream at them, polarize them, or push them from the church. The same goes with any sinner. Including an overweight, divorced female who may or may not visit on a daily basis (that, my friends, is the sin of gossip).

I certainly don't think you can refuse to care for orphans because you disagree with someone's lifestyle. The fact of the matter is whether or not you decide to continue supporting World Vision, you made a commitment to a child...a child who needed you desperately. The fact that 2000 children have been dropped in this short amount of time makes me think this is a knee jerk reaction, not a well thought out, prayed on decision. And I also believe if you can drop a commitment that fast that you weren't that committed in the first place...which makes me think your commitment was more about the warm fuzzies than investing in a child.

Being a follower of Jesus isn't easy. And it's complicated. And I get it. We cannot just accept sin but at the same time we are not called on to judge. We are supposed to be known for our love, not just our political stance. We are supposed to be slow to anger.

Many of the things that make us "Christians" (i.e. Christ followers or literally "Christ Like") fly in the face of our human nature. And in a world of entitlement, the idea that social media gives me that not only is it my right to express my opinion but I can do so in an abrasive manner, and it's better to be right than to show love, it's hard to keep a gentle, meek spirit. But that's what we are called it or not.

As far as World Vision's guys probably already know what I think about that...but that isn't the point right now. My point is that no matter what your opinion, as a Christian, your actions are to be the same.

Prayer for the leaders and staff of World Vision, care for widows and orphans, and known for your love.

I beseech you, if you can, to give a donation to World Vision or sponsor a child so that the negative impact of this doesn't trickle down to the "least of these". Jesus said when we give a cup of water or a meal to someone in need, we give Him a cup of water or a meal. Today, look beyond the politics of the situation, and help those who need it the most. This is a good time for our actions to be louder than the loud mouths. Especially for those of us who hope for equality for the LGBT community. We have to be ready to support Christian organizations who make decisions of this nature...because there will be fallout. Time to put our money where our mouth is.

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