Thursday, March 20, 2014

Watch This Video! For Real! Like Now! (Grab tissue)


Guys, Guys...this was so good. Twelve minutes long but so insightful! But it's's hard to watch. So grab a tissue and your gumption.

Know what's harder. Loving a traumatized kid. I ought to know. I was one. And, as an adult, I love more than one traumatized teen. In fact, sometimes I let them live with me.

Know what's even harder, being a traumatized kid. For real. They've gone through hell and back...and often times they aren't back yet. And you'll wonder why in God's name they did that/said that/etc. And some of the time, they are wondering too. Other times they just do it. And sometimes they create chaos because "normal" just feels so, so wrong and like it's going to fall apart at any minute and chaos...well chaos feels like comfortable because they have been there so often.

God bless the foster parents who are willing to love, willing to try, to give everything they have and then find some more. God bless the social workers and recovery programs and homeless shelters. God bless the random people who just do what they can and show some love and hang out with these kids who need to be told they are worthy of all the love in the world. Kids who not only need to be shown the light but that it's okay to stand in it and bask.


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