Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Catching up!

Yeah...it's been more than a minute.

Just to recap the past few months:
Went from no job to two jobs (House Manager at Horizon Theatre in Atlanta and Administrator at deBeer Granite and Marble in Tyrone)

Was Stage Manager for Annie at Newnan Theatre Company.

Bree and Trey finished high school. Bree started college and Trey will start during the summer semester!

You've read about Grace...but if you haven't, I have another teenager in the house! Because adopting animals is too mainstream! Ha!

Found mold in house, four month process to try and get landlord to fix it, lost fight, started looking for new house, found new house, begin packing moving, trying to replace most of the furniture we can't take because of the danger they carry mold spores.

Four day trip to Orlando to celebrate Trey turning 18 and drink butter beer. It was fabulous!

And the biggest reason I haven't been writing...my computer broke! And I haven't been able to replace it.

So it's been eventful. But I'm still here, I promise! And there are so many things in my head! I believe sometimes I think in "blog". I certainly process in blog! And I can't wait to write my review of Gary Haugen's new book "The Locust Effect" but until then...don't wait for me, GO BUY IT!

MORE SOON! Sending love, good thoughts and prayers you way!

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