Thursday, April 17, 2014

Sick Days

You know it when you wake up...but still you lay there and wonder...
"Am I really sick? Too sick to go to work?"

You flinch when you make the call, send the text, write the email because you know that, even if you're coworkers are super nice, they are going to be ticked that you aren't there (of course, they'd be ticked if you dragged your germ infested body to work and shared the fever/stomach cramps/sore throat/cough/ this is a no win situation)

So you face the facts, call in sick, take the Advil, and go back to sleep.

But all is not lost! The silver lining...
1) You can convince yourself the multiple cats and dogs cuddling you are there because they are concerned and not just hogging your bed. And they actually can be comforting when the fever has you trembling.

2) It's not every day that making it from the bed to the recliner is a major accomplishment.

3) It's perfectly acceptable to take a nap after you finally take a six p.m.

4) You've finally given those 120 people (???) who follow you on Pinterest a reason for doing so! (Seriously, I have "pinned" more pins today than I did all of  last year!)

5) You managed to catch up on your favorite blogs.

6) You've managed to catch up with all of your friends on Facebook. In fact, you basically stalked them.

7) You can spend ALL day on social media(see #4-6)! Because what the heck else are you going to do???

8) You can finally finish Book #2 in the Game of Thrones series.

9) You can justify spending $4.99 to rent a movie on demand.

10) There is finally a reason to read the warning label on the back of the Advil so you know just how many you can take in a 24 hour period. (No, seriously, you want to read that!)

And last but not least...
11) No bra and comfy pants ALL day!

Here's to feeling better tomorrow!

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