Friday, January 18, 2013

The Bright Side of 2012

No doubt about it, 2012 was a rough year. Leaving OM, dealing with fact that vision for new job and reality of new job were not the same thing, losing my Dad, moving twice, financial difficulties...

I waited for 2013 like you wait to break the surface of water so you can take a breath. I believed that 2013 was going to be better like the girl turning 16 believes she is going to wake up with a great body, clear complexion, a boyfriend and a new car.

What? It can totally happen. Case in point...

Then 2013 got off to a really rough start...and I had to remember that 2013 isn't a new book as much as it is a new chapter in the same book. In other words, you don't get a totally different story but a continuation of your story. This could have been depressing except for the fact that I remembered that altogether, I have a really awesome story. I mean, come on, all things considered, I have an amazing life.

With that said, knowing 2012 wasn't ALL bad, I decided to focus on the positive. So hear you go...and I give you my word, it's the last list for a while...maybe. It should be anyway.

January: perhaps the most amazing birthday of all times...or at least tied with the time we went to Shakespeare Tavern for Romeo and Juliet or the time that my friends and kids planned a surprise birthday party for me...and there was the whole cooking me blueberry pancakes at 6:00 in the morning. My friend Sarah was in town, we had an amazing girls night at Nikkos and then I had a do it yourself birthday party with all my friends from all areas of life and everyone brought snacks and games and I got wine and coffee and flowers and Phase was perfect (As a belated birthday present, my friend Jason took me to my first live comedy act ever. It was an experience!)

February: I've been wanting to do a period piece forever. And a small cast of only adults (if only biologically speaking) forever. Jennifer Dorrell gave me the chance to do both when she let me be her stage manager for Dangerous Liasions.

February was incredibly painful but there is no way I could pass it by without remembering how amazing so many of my friends were: Jessica's prayers, Jason making sure we had dinner, Jeff offering to bring my coffee pot to Macon, flowers, cards, phone calls, and even people driving to the funeral. I've never taken the fact we are loved for granted but I was overwhelmed at how much. Thank you.

March: Jason King introduced me to Jen Hatmaker (I still think we need to be best friends). Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (which both Bree and Trey performed in) opened and I managed to arrange it so the girls could come see it. Since we were also working on Dangerous Liasions, we basically lived at the theatre with trips to Taco Mac afterwards to eat and hang with friends. It felt like a month of distractions-good ones. At work, we had some great groups and donations. But my favorite part was the "Getting Into College" life skill class that I got to teach the girls. They were still talking about it months later!

April: Kathleen Kennard (friend and coworker) stops by my desk one day and says "You need a weekend at the cabin" So we took her up on it and headed to Elijay on Easter weekend. It was more than what the doctor ordered. It was amazing. The kids and I played games, watched movies, explored Elijay, hiked and hiked some more. And I made great use of the rockers on the front porch. Reading, drinking coffee...great view. It was positively holistic.

May: Best Vacation Ever.
'Nuff said.

June: Neverending Story. Our first show with Henry Players. And the show that gave Trey the acting bug! Bree was also doing SIT that month so I kind of felt like I spent my life in the car but it was totally worth it!

July: So I wasn't even involved with the Laramie Project at NTC-technically. But Bree was stage manager and Jen was director so I hung out, a lot. It not only gave me the chance to meet some of the most awesome teenagers on the planet and develop friendships with them, it forced me to think through some issues I'd put on back burner for far too long.
Also in July...Trey had a great time at CIY. My aunt and I spent quite a lot of time together (comparatively speaking). I got to speak at Adventures In Missions for the first time ever. I had a great intern.And, I got to tagalong with the girls when they went and fed homeless as service project.

August: The coolest group of college kids on the planet, with their amazing and fearless leader (I do not exaggerate) came from Florida to Tyrone to serve with Wellspring Living. And I'm still friends with most of them to this day! In fact, one of them even let me in on his top secret proposal plans recently! (No spoilers, he asked and she said yes!)
We also moved back to Newnan in August and have loved living just a mile from the Square (and NTC). The coffee shop is perfect. On the 30th, my aunt, my sister and me, celebrated my Dad's birthday and we laughed much more than I thought we would.

September: All things pumpkin flavored! Wine brought back from South Africa by my friend Ciska. Discovering the blog of Rachel Held Evans. A Christmas party to say farewell to Jessica. A wonderful group of what would turn out to be my only Immersion Project.
AND an overnight trip to Tybee Island and Savannah!
PS My son has mad photographer skills!

October: This moment at Catalyst.
Also, hearing Matt Chandler live and in person, Christine Caine's talk and running into the pastor that preached my Dad's funeral. A fire pit, hot dogs and S'mores with the neighbors. Bree and Trey getting to dress up like zombies and not only be in parade but perform "Thriller" in McDonough square!

November: Bree, Trey and I all got cast in Outsiders. I was also cast in Mrs Bob Cratchitt's Wild Christmas Binge...which was actually, sort of, a musical. So I sang...and danced...kind of. (Lesson, research show before auditioning!) We had a fantastic Thanksgiving with my Aunt, Uncle and family. Sort of went Black Friday shopping (didn't get started till 4pm) and watched a lot of football. Ann Marie and Crystal's friendship gives me so much to be grateful for...And we got to see the beautiful Amanda Lindsey (now McDonald) get married.

Did I mention Mrs. Bob Cratchitt's... had me doing a fan dance? Yep.

December: Oh the beauty of comp time! Had the entire week of Christmas off and it was deliciously lazy! We saw three movies in three days (Lincoln, Hobbit, Les Mis). So much fun at Christmas Eve Party. The kids had a great Christmas morning. And later that week we tagged along for some karaoke with the Henry Players. Bree fought her fears and actually got up and sang!
So...there you have it. In the midst of anxiety, tensions, sadness and difficulties there are triumphs, adventures, lazy days, friends, families and the days when your work matters. This isn't an exhaustive should include Arahdna concerts and baby love and Madeline Perouyx with Jason and Lamar. New friends like Emily Laney and coffee with Renee. Life is full. And life is wonderful.

No matter what 2013 brings...I'll remember that.


  1. I love this post! I'm excited to continue our new friendship into 2013 :)