Sunday, January 13, 2013

Passion 2013...
60,000 plus attendees....
Somewhere around 3,000-4,000 volunteers
Just over 300 of those volunteers were assigned to Worship & Justice Team
Of those 300, 85 (give or take) were sent to C Building.
Of those 85, two were picked to be greeters.

Myself...and one other.

She took one look at me and said "I know you."

I had no idea who she was. Before I could bluff my way out of it or just be honest and apologize, her enthusiasm carried her on towards the explanation. Passion 2012 was the first she'd heard of trafficking and she was immediately motivated to get involved. Wellspring Living was mentioned during the conference, it was close, so she started there. With me.

We scheduled a meeting and she came to the office (as she was telling the story, I could remember her vaguely). In helping her figure out what she would really like to do, it became apparent that Wellspring Living wasn't the best fit for her. She'd be (and is) a great volunteer but her passion and what she really wanted to do wasn't something she could do at Wellspring. So I gave her resources and suggestions so she could learn more and gave her the names of two organizations that might be a better fit. The first one didn't work. The second one did and does. Not only has she been able to do what she wanted to, but it's developed into something more awesome.

There are several really awesome aspects to this story. First of all is the awareness of God and how He works. Sheila Walsh once said something about God showing us very clearly that He sees us. And moments like this make me incredibly aware that He does-indeed-see me. It was so encouraging to meet Ann (again) and see how a conversation that I could barely remember had impacted her in such a way. God used me and I wasn't even really aware of it. Since I'm all about connecting people to their passions, this absolutely made my day. And I really needed some encouragement that day. A reminder that I do make a difference.

It's also a reminder, you have no idea how your interactions are going to affect people. Conversations, encouragements, books and articles you recommend. God is working through all of those. So be willing to let Him. And make time for the opportunities.

The other really awesome aspect is the reminder. So many times people hear about an issue, their heart is touched and yet they don't do anything about it. Or maybe they start but something discouraging happens. If that is you, let me encourage you by introducing you to Ann. She knew almost nothing about sex trafficking in Georgia but what she heard at Passion '12 inspired her to find out more. And use her talents and passions to make a difference. Today she is a volunteer for Out of Darkness. She answers the hotline and goes to pick up girls and women who are desperately trying to get out of their situation. And now, she is using her knowledge and her experience as a nurse to train medical personnel on how to recognize signs of trafficking and what to do. You have talents. Use them. Don't be afraid to take the first step, to meet with someone and ask questions. To experience different things until you find the place that fits.

Let's all do our part to "End It"

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