Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Years Resolutions

Okay...I have, for some time now, avoided New Year's Resolutions. It seemed cliche...and more than that...seemed more like setting myself up for failure than setting goals. A few years ago, someone made the comment that they were looking for revolution rather than resolution in their life and I was all like "YEAH!" I about cliche. Anyway, any excuse to get out of resolutions...

This year seems a bit different. Maybe because I'm turning 40. Perhaps because the kids are beginning the transition to grow up, move out. Possibly because I'm feeling unsettled so I'm hoping that making goals will help. Or maybe it is because my friend Emily wrote a really fun blog about her resolutions and I thought "I want to do that!"

See Emily's blog here:

So here it is, in no particular order, my resolutions. Some provoking, some silly.

1) Minimize social media. I recognize the tool that social media is but I also think it is an easy way to swallow up my time. And I think I use it too much. One of my goals is about reading and when considering how many books I'd read last year, I was surprised. I think I used my Kindle more for Facebook, Twitter, and Free Cell than reading. I need to be intentional about how much time I spend on the internet for any reason but especially for Facebook and Twitter.

2) Read 24 books. Not just fiction books but books that will make me think, broaden my horizons, teach me something. Speaking of Facebook as a tool, it was a huge help in getting the list drafted. I've got some great suggestions but would really like some more before I publish the final draft. I'm particularly looking for books that wouldn't normally come to my attention.

3) Develop the habit of getting up early. I am NOT a morning person. At the same time, I'd love to be one of those people who get up, have their quiet time, take the dog for a walk...all before going into the office. Since I don't have to be in the office until 9:30 AM, this should be a lot easier than it actually is...any tips for developing this habit would be welcome!

4) Spend more time at cultural events. Not just theatre but concerts, museums, etc. I love to do these things but don't spend a lot of time doing them (well, with exception of theatre). Part of that is money, so my new raise should help. Part of it is about being intentional.

5) This one is probably the most important. As I become more and more aware of trafficking in the United States and across the world, as I realize the importance of my actions and voice in doing my part, I also have become more aware of the importance of knowing what I'm purchasing and the impact that has. (A huge thanks to Not For Sale for all the work they do in this area!). As a single mom with two kids working for a non-profit, "cheap" is not only a good thing, it is often a way of life. So I am not judging anyone's purchase habits. But I want to be more careful of what I buy and where...I want my walk and talk to match. So I am going to be more intentional about what I buy and where I shop. It will start as a practice, become a habit, and hopefully be a way of life by 2014.

6) OH, I hate the weight loss resolutions! But perhaps if I write it, I will feel more accountable. So here goes, I'm going to lose thirty pounds in 2013. No fad diets, etc. Just healthy life style and exercise. Since we live in downtown Newnan, there are plenty of great places to walk (including NTC which is mile and half away!).

7) Confession...I haven't been on a date since 2007. That particular date reinforced two things. One, never date a coworker. Two, if you are going to date a coworker...make it a lunch date so the agony is at least short lived. I'm making a resolution to go on at least one date in 2013. I'm not doing this in the hopes of developing a relationship as I am to conquer a fear and step out of my comfort zone. Obviously someone has to want to date me before this particular resolution is a success. My part is more to be open to the idea. I don't think I'm that unattractive. I just think my schedule and personality tend to scream "NO!"

Addendum: I will NOT put a profile on a dating site. Not going to happen. Not judging anyone especially since my friends Jason and Megan found great dates...but it's not something I want to do...and would make resolution #1 that much more difficult.

8) Write at least two blogs every month. I generally have lots of thoughts running through my head and drafts of blogs floating in my mind but don't have the discipline to actually sit down and get them down. So there are weeks of silence and then a torrent of posts. Again, this is about discipline and intentionality...and the hope people actually want to read what I say.

9) Do more theatre! And by that, I'm not sure I mean "more shows" as much as learn more and be better at what I do. I don't think I'll ever get paid to do what I do in theatres which is exactly the way I want it. Theatre is the one thing I do simply because I love it. But I want to do it well. So, maybe take a class, read books/articles, volunteer at a different theatre...not sure yet. I'd think I'd like to direct a show one day. Our Program Director mentioned wanting me to do trauma drama training and working with a therapist to do a group...whatever it looks like, theatre is going to be a major part of any year in my life.

10) Visit at least three states I haven't been to yet. Road trip anyone?

11) This is a hard one...but it's time. Bree and Trey are growing up. As a Mom, it is my job to help them in the transition. I'm not exactly sure what this looks like. Giving them permission to grow up and move on...helping them with responsibility. Learning what I need to do for them, what I need to let them do, when to help, when to let them fail...This will be a work in progress. I want to do it well. Experience, wisdom or advice is welcome...

12) I have this vision of me that is not quite a reality, but I'd like it to be. I'd like to eat more organic, wear hats, explore vintage shops, etc. Obviously this is superficial stuff but it's more the me that I'm hoping once a month I'd like to do something that gets me closer. Buy a hat, take a wine tasting class, get back to gardening. Those kind of things. I'll probably develop a plan and come up with one thing every month so that I can be more accountable.

13) I once heard a pastor say that everyone needs to have a Timothy and a Nathaniel in your life. In other words, you need someone in your life that is mentoring you...and someone you are mentoring. I'm not sure how "official" I want to make this but I do want to create this environment. I think I'd like it to be a group of us (and by group, maybe 3 or 4)...reading books, doing Bible studies, having discussions. I'd love to do "7" by Jen Hatmaker with a group (or at least a version of that).

So there you have it. Nothing earth shattering. In the midst of this is continuing to do my job, to get better at what I do, learn more, become more involved. Be a follower of Jesus. Be a Mom. All of those things that don't need a resolution but a lifestyle (oh, save me from the cliches...true as they may be!) Thirteen resolutions for 2013!


  1. I am reading 7 by Jen Hatmaker right now! I was going to recommend it to you (along with Behind the Beautiful Forevers...I know you would love that book). So count me in if you do a "7" !! And, you moved?! To downtown Newnan? Email me your new addy please!

  2. 7 is so good but hard to practice! Behind The Beautiful Forevers sounds like something I should check out. We moved back to Newnan in August. A little over a mile from the Square. I'll email you.