Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My Role @ Wellspring Living

So...now that I'm moving into my role at Wellspring Living, we've developed my job description. I thought maybe you guys would like to know more about what I'll be doing.

Volunteer Administration
So no surprise there...this was the main reason I was hired. I am the first point of contact for anyone interested in volunteering-whether long-term, short-term, group projects, etc. I help the store managers and logistic coordinators at both homes fill needed positions and potential volunteers find the right fit. So I spend a lot of time answering emails and talking on the phone. I've also spent a lot of time working on streamlining the process. I've had meetings with the homes and stores discussing a process for recruiting and placing volunteers that works well for them and meets the needs of the potential volunteer. I've created applications on formsite so that it's easier for the volunteer to complete the application, for me to get it to the right person, and-as a benefit-use less paper. I also changed the background check provider we use...getting more for way less! A local company was willing to give us a discount after seeing what Wellspring Living does. So, we now spend $12 for a more thorough report...as oppossed to $35! Currently I'm working on improving the process for follow up (making sure volunteers were placed, etc) and tracking volunteer hours as well as ways to improve the volunteer information on the website and online training. A huge upcoming project will be follow up from Passion 2012. It's really exciting...we are the one of the organization Passion is sponsoring this year in their "Do Something Now" as they focus on trafficking both in the US and overseas.

In-kind Donations
Churches, individuals and other groups often want to help by giving something tangible to the girls or women in the homes. I help coordinate these drives and arrange delivery of the items. This week I worked with a group that made gift baskets for the girls, another church collected gift cards, Spelman college did a school supply drive and will be doing a "Winter drive" in January to collect gloves, scarves, etc. Paper goods and hygiene products are always a big need as well. Both the girls' home and the women's home have wish lists on Amazon as well. I don't handle donations for the stores, just the homes. Each store handles its own donations.

Database Management
As a continuance of my roles with volunteers and in-kind donations, I'll be spending ten hours a week entering donations/donors and volunteers into our database. Those of you who know me recognize that this won't be my favorite part of the job but it is really important/vital part of the job...and I have some great playlists on my iPod...good music will certainly make the job a bit easier.

Immersion Project
I am so excited to be coordinating Immersion Project it is ridiculous! Immersion Projects are short term trips for teams of 3-5 people. This is an awesome way to educate and mobilize people to getting involved in the trafficking issue in Georgia. Participants spend time learning about CSEC (Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children), get a tour of and a chance to work with the girls and the women, work with one of our partnering organizations on the streets of Atlanta learning to spot CSEC and what to do and spend time praying through areas where trafficking is prevelant. The cost for each participant is $700. This money goes into the girls' home to pay for housing, education, counseling and other needs the girls' have. This is actually a fairly new project so I will be working to really promote it among churches and groups and making the vision a reality. I'll have my first meeting with a church interested in Immersion trips in a couple of weeks!

As part of the Speaker's Bureau, I have the chance to speak to different groups and churches about CSEC and trafficking in Georgia and the ministry of Wellspring Living. I spent two hours with Church of the Redeemer in Atlanta last Wednesday and it was amazing. We talked about the issue, their involvement, how they can partner with Wellspring Living, how they can mobilize their church to get involved...I can't tell you how thrilled I am to not only be a part of fighting trafficking but enabling and motivating others to use their gifts and talents...and their voices...to join the fight.

Working With the Girls
Once a week I get to go the the girls' home and spend time with the girls, teaching them a life skill class and building relationships with them. We just finished up a class on job hunting skills where they learned how to do resumes, look for jobs, prepare for interviews, etc. At the end of the class a volunteer helped me to arrange for three women from local businesses to come in and do mock interviews. The cool thing about the interviews and the feedback after was how the girls talked about things I'd said or things they'd learned during the classes, even stories I'd told! The girls really got into the interviews...it was a great way to wrap up that session. I'm waiting to hear what we'll be doing next! I am loving getting to know the girls...two of them will be graduating the program in the next couple of weeks! I will miss them but I'm so excited for them at the same time!

I am raising support to help supplement my income. My goal is to raise at least 20 hours of my salary. I'm looking for supporters who are willing to give $25, $50 or $100 a month to partner with me in the work I am doing for Wellspring Living. I'm honored and excited by how many people have partnered with me already. I'm about 1/2 to my goal. If you'd like to give monthly or even give a one time gift, you can do it one of two ways:  Online: Go to http://www.wellspringliving.org/donations.php. Be sure to put "Cindy Battles" in the comment section. By Mail: Mail to 140 Howell Rd, Tyrone GA 30290. Again be sure to mention my name on the gift so it can be applied to our account.

Raising support means that more money can go to the ministry of Wellspring Living...

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