Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Moving & Other Adventures

Wow! So the crazy season is almost over! Thought everyone would love to take a look at the new house! So here is pic of outside...I might posts some pictures of the inside...once the boxes and the mess as a result of the boxes are gone! Actually, now that we finally have our tree decorated and the nutcrackers strategically placed, I'm sure to post a few pictures of the inside.

So...moving. That's been fun. In the midst of working two jobs, etc, etc. Moving week was the same as tech week for Best Christmas Pageant Ever so I moved as many boxes as I could and then three of our awesome, amazing friends came over after rehearsal one night (that would be 10ish...important to know since it shows the love!) and helped us move the furniture. Because there was furniture in the OM house when we moved in, we'd given quite a bit of our stuff away so we were able to use Facebook to its full potential. Thanks to friends and social media we've managed to get dressers, beds, etc for just under $50. We're still looking for a TV stand (smallish), desk, and a couple of comfy living room chairs.

Best Christmas Pageant Ever has been a blast to be in and be stage manager for...I'll admit to some frustrations but somewhere along the line I realized it was more my attitude that needed to be changed. A lot of it came from being tired, some of it came from not having enough grace. Once I adjusted the attitude and made some time for some sleep, I really was able to just enjoy the entire cast and experience. I especially love the kids...there is some serious talent standing on that stage. I also love opportunities to go into convenience stores and ask for the "longest, thickest cigar you have" or burn cakes on purpose at three in the morning...and of course there is the whole playing with fire thing. Working with Jennifer Dorrell was something I'd wanted to do for a while and now I can check that off my theatre bucket list. Interesting fact: the first show that the three of us did was BCPE and Dave Dorrell directed (Bree was Gladys, Trey was David and I was Mrs. McCarthy)...Dave is Jen's husband. One of those interesting "rhythm of life" things. Anyway, Saturday is the last two performances. You should definitely come see one of them. Grab tickets at http://www.newnantheatre.org/.

I realized today that I only have two weeks to go before I leave OM USA and become full time at Wellspring Living. I'm in this time of "lasts and firsts": last OM Christmas party, last Leadership Forum, tomorrow the HR team is going to take me out to lunch as a "goodbye party". We're going to Olive Garden because I love Italian food...and the carbs are sure to provide some comfort. On the other hand, at Wellspring I got to experience my first time driving around delivering thank you gifts to donors. It was a blast! I was riding with Paul Bowley who is Mary Francis' (founder/president of Wellspring Living) son and a development guy for the ministry and one of the girls from the Women's Home (more about that later). We had the best time! Paul is really smart and knows more random stuff than I do and is highly relational...so the three of us got along really well and had lots to talk about. Which is a good thing when you are in the car with someone for five hours...That same day I spent two hours with the "LCR Task Force", a group of people from Church of the Redeemer in Atlanta focused on ending CSEC in Georgia. It was pretty amazing.

A really critical need for both Embree and Trey is schooling. We've had to come to the pretty heartbreaking decision that we can't afford to send Embree to the Campus anymore. She's struggling with it and really going to miss her friends, but she understands. It's really hard to make the payments and Trey is not doing well at public school either. Which means I need to come up with a solution for both of them...preferably an affordable one. The way it looks right now, we're going to try Faith Academy online this coming semester and then a combination of Faith Academy and Elluminatus (a homeschool group for highschoolers) starting in the Fall. I can do that for both of them cheaper than I can send Bree to the Campus. They are both such amazing kids...I hate to see them struggle like this! Prayers are appreciated!

Thanks for your prayers during this transition! I will admit that some days I faced it like Abraham...and other days, more like Lot's wife. So many of you have helped us through it!

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