Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Jonathan B. Tucker: Pimpin' from Park Triangle Productions on Vimeo.

Let's be real. Pimps are among the most cruel, brutal, manipulative people on the face of the planet. Their motive and mindset very similair to terrorists...control by fear. They are the modern day slave traders. And yet, somehow, we allow this word in our culture to mean "cool" Musicians make money and win awards with songs that glorify the pimp lifestyle. There are even books sold on Amazon and in book stores that detail how to become a pimp. We have "pimp and ho" parties, shows called "Pimp My Ride" and pimp costumes sold at various costume stores for Halloween.

It's interesting...I've never heard someone say "Oh man, that is so holocaust!" Arriving to a party dressed in a Nazi soldier costume is not okay (as a member of England's royal family found several years ago). And I've never seen a show called "Genocide My Vehicle"

So how is "pimp" an acceptable part of our culture?

Check out Jonathan B Tucker's amazing and thought provoking spoken word on the misnomer "pimp"
And for more insight read Rachel Lloyd's book "Girls Like Us"

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