Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Goodbyes Already?

This is the fabulous Christine Owings...I mean "the fabulous Christine Becker". She just got married a few weeks ago (that woud be her husband standing next to her).  Christine was instrumental in bringing me on staff at Wellspring Living. She has also been a huge prayer partner through this transition. In a short time I've come to love and care for her as a friend. I thought we'd have lots of time working together to build the relationship. God had other plans...

Christine really spent time in prayer and had others praying with her but what she was hearing from God became really clear. I think all of us have asked several times just to make sure we all heard correctly. Christine has been working really hard trying to build the outreach and mentoring programs of Wellspring Living, working with volunteers, getting her doctorate and now being a wife. It's time for her to enter into a season of rest. Become accustomed to living with this really great guy He has given her to be her husband. Finish school. And rejuvenate for whatever comes next.

I'm really kind of sad and disappointed but-as always-trusting God. This is a huge transition for Christine so please be praying for her during this time! Pray for rest, for peace. Pray she doesn't rush to fill up the time she suddenly has on her hands. Pray for great times and adventures with her husband. And that she is constantly refreshed and renewed by the Holy Spirit. Pray for whatever good works God has planned for her after this season. I have no doubt that with Him working through her, she will most certainly accomplish any and everything He has planned. She is just that awesome!

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