Thursday, May 1, 2014

I made a Mama cry today...

A few days ago I was at auditions for Frog & Toad and the Director passes one of the audition sheets over to me. The Mom had written "he has special needs"

So this kid comes in and he has got such a personality and he does a good job on his monologue and song and by the end of his audition all of us at the table have agreed without saying a word...this kid needs to be on stage.

So today I call to offer him the role and the Mom is so excited but she's a little nervous too. Can he handle it? Can we handle him?

And I could tell her the Director teaches special needs children. I could tell her I was once a head start teacher with a classroom filled with behaviorally challenged kids. But...for whatever reason, I don't.

I tell her about his audition. His manners, the way he handled himself, made eye contact, remembered his monologue, sang his song and managed the scales. About how everyone agreed this was a boy who needed to be on the stage.

And she cried. Because she was proud of him. Because we wanted him. Because we saw the special more than the needs. God bless all the Mamas who love their babies so well.

She was so excited to be able to tell him. And all day long I thought about her having that to look forward to...and I smiled every time.

Be encouraged Mamas. Your kids are awesome. And you are doing a good job.

Ya'll pray for this new "drama mama"...she has no idea what she's getting into! LOL

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