Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The "P" Word

Throughout history there have been words created to demean, demoralize, and hurt groups of people. In my own lifetime, I have heard the "N" word (sorry, my Grandma raised me right and I can't even type it let alone say it out loud!) meant to degrade persons of color, "retard" used to mean stupid and other degrading things, "faggot" or "gay" no longer a bundle of sticks or a happy state of being but despised and further deteriorating when a rap artist used a lame excuse to avoid being labeled homophobic and "gay" suddenly began to mean "uncool" or "stupid"

Thankfully, culture has slowly changed. Public announcements are created. We come to understand that our words matter, that they have an impact. That what we say creates a culture. And that culture can create good...or bad.


I've been told today that I need to grow up, that I am fighting a losing battle and that my crusade against the word is ineffective in the fight against sex trafficking. I don't believe you.

Our words matter and our words create a culture. The acceptance of the word "pimp" in our culture and society means that we water down and accept what a "pimp" really is. The use of the word "pimp" to mean "cool" or "bling" means that we create an atmosphere where it is cool to be a pimp. There are books and songs that glorify the "pimpin' lifestyle" while the word "hoe" is meant to degrade and demean.

That means we have more sympathy for the trafficker than we do the trafficked! You may protest but that is exactly what message is being spread through our media, music and marketing tools.

That is why when a merchandise store creates a sale and a marketing technique that focuses on high school and middle school students and they use the word "pimp" (as in "Pimp Your Packs"), I am so outraged I could scream and cry at the same time.

I'm told this won't fix anything...and maybe it won't, today. But our kids, the stores they shop from, and them pimps themselves need to hear this message. And slowly, it will change. If we stop ignoring the issue and take action. It will change. It will take time, but that's okay.

I have faith. I have history to hold on to as proof of success that came before. I hope I can convince you of the same.

Hot Topic sent out the email and focused their back to school sale on a number of items meant to decorate back packs. They call it "Pimp Your Pack"

I created a petition to tell them it's not okay.

You can also call them at 1-800-892-8674

PS I've been "trolled" enough already today. Feel free to disagree with me but get nasty and I will delete your comments. Thanks for understanding.

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