Friday, August 9, 2013

The Miracle of a Margarita (Good Friends, And Conversation)

I have this friend.Named Jason.
Jason is awesome. He's smart. Funny. And bluntly honest. He's the type of guy who even if the experience isn't great, can still enjoy the experience. He's also one of the most caring guys I know.

The other day Jason realized I was in a funk. He was concerned. So he took me to dinner. Mexican food. Margaritas. Lots of laughing, talking about music/theatre/books/movies, and telling stories.

At the end of it, Jason is telling me a story about a friend of ours. He reminds me,
"The best stories come from the worst times"

It was basically awesome.

The next morning, I woke up...poked my sore spots...and realized, I felt better. Lots better.
Who knew adult conversation (and margaritas) could do so much good?!

It's amazing what our friends can do for us, isn't it?

A couple of weeks ago, Embree and Trey met someone I know. They come home talking about how amazing she thinks I am. She'd told them "If it wasn't for your Mom, I wouldn't be here." I'm sort of shocked. I mean, I know what I did...but none of it feels that heroic. Basically, I picked her up a couple of times, got her out of a couple of sticky situations, and believed in her. But it meant a lot to her.

The people in our life impact us in so many ways. And we impact others. That's why healthy relationships are so important. I once heard a pastor say that we should always have three different type of people in our lives:

A Paul: Someone to mentor us, give us wisdom, hold us accountable. (Being me, I require more than my fair share of these type of people in my life and I am extremely grateful for each and every one of them)

A Timothy: Someone we can mentor, encourage, share wisdom, and hold accountable. The idea is as others are holding us up, we are doing the same for someone. In my house, we have a rule, all of Bree and Trey's friends know it. If you call me "Cindy", "Miss Cindy" or "Ms Battles" you are more than welcome to hang out here, eat my food and jump in the car if you need a ride. If you call me "Mom", you've just given me permission to get in your business. You'd be surprised how many of them willingly and eagerly take me up on that.

A Jonathan: Jonathan was David's dear friend. A peer. They shared clothes (well...armor) and probably stories, food and alcoholic beverages as well. These are the people you love to hang out with. The people you share laughs with, watch movies with, go to Harry Potter World together...the friends who enrich life just by being your friends. Do yourself a favor and make sure you have a diverse group of friends. They don't have to share your same beliefs on religion, politics or makes the world a more interesting place.

Today, think through the people who have impacted your life in a positive way. And let them know. Think of someone whose life you'd like to impact in a positive way and give them a call.

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