Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Resolutions & Dating

"Slightly neurotic, somewhat overweight, Christian single mom of two teenagers, 40 year old activist seeks less neurotic, laid back, Christian male to go on dates if she can possibly find time in her schedule..."

Ummm...okay, so I made this resolution to go on a date in 2013. To be honest I hadn't thought much of dating until I made the resolution but now, since I've thought about it, this might not be as easy as I thought!

So, to make it less complicated, here are a few tips for any guy who is thinking of asking me out:
1) First of all, I'm oblivious. Like really, really oblivious. So flirting doesn't work. Unless you are REALLY obvious, I don't pick it up...and if you are REALLY obvious, then I get freaked out a little because then I think you are REALLY desperate! Aside from that, I don't flirt well. I over think things and so I'm trying to figure out what you really mean or how you will respond to this or that...I'm not good at improv for the same reasons. So, simple and direct would be nice. It makes things easier!

2) If you ask me if I have a "boo" we are automatically done. Especially if you are my age, then it sounds even more ridiculous.

3) You are going to have to be really patient...and a night owl. Considering I usually get out of rehearsals around 9:00-9:30...there's a reason why Taco Mac, iHop and Steak and Shake get most of our dining out business!

4) You don't have to be as driven or passionate about issues as I a matter of fact, it's probably better if you aren't! That much kinetic energy in a relationship would be...explosive. But it's nice if you actually care about something.

5) I'm a practical romantic and a nerd. I love flowers, but if I can plant them...I'll probably like them even better. And if it is a book I've been wanting to read, I'd probably love it even more!

6) I'm independent...but old fashioned in some ways. I'm not going to pursue you. If you like me, take a chance and ask me out. It can only end in one of two ways: yes or no. It's not like I'm going to run you over with my car!

7) Don't want to hear my entire life story on the first date? Good! Because I don't want to tell you! Taking the whole evening to talk about myself doesn't sound fun to me! On the other hand, I'd love to hear about you...unless it's an hour long vent about how horrible your ex-wife is and how she ruined your children.

8) Don't like teenagers? No need to apply.

Oh my gosh...l may never date again!!!

What about you guys? What are things about you or dating would you want everyone to know?

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