Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Best Goodwill Ever!

The Goodwill in McDonough? Ah-maz-ing!

Not sure if it is normal for them to have these or it was just brilliant stroke of luck but:

Check out my super cool boots that my super cool, amazing son bought me for my birthday!

 And look at Bree's find. Gorgeous dress and awesome fairy costume! Ren Fest here we come!

They have a great selection of normal clothes too. Pretty well organized in size and color! The only thing that drove me batty was the books. They have huge selection and they aren't organized by title or author and since I was looking for one particular book, it practically gave me a headache. Prices are good...staff are slightly unfriendly but not so bad I won't go back! Our costumer says this one is her favorite too and seeing as how much time she spends in Goodwills and thrift stores, that is saying something! So go check it out when you get the chance!

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