Monday, January 2, 2012

Guest Rooms

One of the things the kids and I were most excited about when we got this house was the fact it has four bedrooms...a guest room! It is so much easier to have a spirit of hospitality when you have a guest room! We very briefly played with the idea of making it an office or a craft room...but we knew it was going to be a guest room and felt it would have a very special purpose. We started praying God would reveal to us His plan for this room...

Last week Bree and I did this treasure hunt through everything to try and make the guest room "homier." One of the women from the women's home needed a place to stay. Living on her own had not worked out for her and she really wanted to live with a family. After meeting her, we thought we might be that family. She came to stay with us for a week to see if it would be a good fit. After several days Bree made the statement "if anyone is ever going to fit in with us, it is her" however there was a "but" at the end of it. All three of us could tell our house guest was really struggling. I'd prayed the entire week before that if this wasn't a good fit, God would reveal it to her before he revealed it to me so she wouldn't feel we were rejecting her. He answered that prayer but it broke my heart in the process. The simple fact is she isn't ready to move from the home. The reality is she needs more help. And help that Wellspring can't specifically provide. Her therapist gave us the names of several residential programs that do deal with some of the issues she is dealing with and we are trying to find one that will take her. The problem is...with no insurance and no money...many programs can't or won't take her. Please pray that either payment will come or we find a program willing to treat her for free. Please pray for her as she continues through the recovery process. Having to take her back early was sad but she was really struggling and knew it was the right choice. She is also nervous and afraid about what comes next so please pray she is able to have peace.

Tonight, I'm waiting for the next occupants of the guest room (and spilling into the living room). Last year I volunteered for the Passion conference and made a good friend, Ali. Ali is volunteering this year and brought along three friends so they are sleeping here to save money. I'm really looking forward to seeing Ali though I don't expect to see much of her. If you've never volunteered for Passion, you can't really understand but it is both the must exhilirating and exhausting experience ever. You're generally working 14 hour days and when you finally make it to the place you can lay down...that's usually what you do! They'll be here until Thursday.

After that, no plans for the room...but it's there and we're open to whatever God wants to do.

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