Monday, January 2, 2012

Freedom Climb

On January 11, 2012 forty five women will begin climbing Mt Kiliminjaro to help raise awareness, prayers and funds for the women and children all over the world who are being exploited. January 11th is-in case you don't know-National Human Trafficking Awareness Day in the US. The funds they raise will go to OM projects around the world that not only help women and children from being exploited and trafficked but help prevent it.

You can read more about the climb, the climbers, and the projects that will be funded on the website:

I'm so privileged to know several of the climbers and several of the members of the prayer team who will be at the foot of the mountain. I'd love to encourage you to support them in prayer as well. You can choose a project to give to or buy Freedom Climb merchandise on the website. You can also "like" Freedom Climb on Facebook and/or follow them on Twitter.

Help OM be a voice for those who aren't allowed to use theirs!

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