Sunday, October 16, 2011

This weekend I had the chance to "run away" for a few days with a four other women from OM. It was interesting because it was four women that I knew but not well...but enough to know this was going to be a great weekend. To be honest, I almost backed out because I had "so much to do" but I think because I have so much to do, this was the perfect time to step back and just relax for a few days, rest, talk, soak in a beautiful atmosphere and in His presence.

This was the house we stayed in...and if that isn't enough to make you jealous...

Check out the view from the deck...I should have coffee and a view like this every morning!

The four women I was incredibly blessed to be with all weekend...

Sheila (first lady on the left) works in Women's Ministry and spends her time encouraging women all over the world. She facilitated the weekend. We focused on "Who God Is..." discussing His attributes, His character, the work He had done and was doing in our lives. It was a restful weekend with time together as a group and time to spend alone. The atmosphere was sweet and close...we prayed a lot, cried quite a bit, and basically reveled in His presence.

I knew I needed this but I didn't know how much until I got there and experienced it. I started school not realizing I would be working two jobs. I'm really struggling to keep up with assignments, work, and be the  Mom I need to be-and Trey and Embree need me to be. I've been feeling overwhelmed and bit "on the edge". Everything going on in our lives-specifically mine-is good but it is a lot...and at one time. I'm not whining...just trying to be transparent. I'm walking this journey one step at a time and God is strengthening me step by step but there are days I'm not sure how I'm going to get to the end of it and accomplish all that I need to accomplish. The past few days were a great time of refreshment and strengthening so that rather than feeling desperate, I'm much more confident when I look at the week. I know I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. And I am more aware than ever of the amazing people that God has placed in our lives. These four women and I have a new bond, a new awareness of each other, and a renewed sense of who we are in Christ.

I hope everyone has an amazing and truly blessed week!

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