Monday, June 3, 2013

The Big Red Couch

Downtown Newnan is one of my favorite places. When we decided to move, it was my heart's desire that we could move close to the Square. I love the small town feel, the artsy shops, the local restaurants...and the fact that my favorite coffee shop is located there.

Espresso Lane is everything you could hope for in a locally owned coffee shop. The music, the baristas, the ample seating and sense of community. Of course the coffee is good. And I give two thumbs up to their vanilla lattes. But one of my favorite things about the place is the big red couch.

The big red couch is just...welcoming. It seems to beckon you to come, make your self comfortable, spend time with friends or read a good book. It doesn't mind if you put your feet on it either. It doesn't complain if you use poor posture. It's there to make you comfortable. It's my happy place. At least one of them...certainly the closest.

It's one of those places you can go when the world is falling apart and sink into the cushions suddenly assured that everything will-eventually-be alright. Recently, sitting there with a friend, criss cross apple sauce, facing her, I exclaimed "All I need to get through life: Jesus, friends and a good latte" I'm afraid the couch might have been was like forgetting to thank your spouse during your Oscar's speech. But I have assured it since that I didn't mean to leave it out.

If only life could be as comfortable and welcoming as the big, red couch. But it can't.

But isn't it awesome to have somewhere to go to just be comfortable? To have friends who love you even when you whine?

I'm not sure what's going on in your life. I just lost my job and I am absolutely freaked out! Your week might be better, it might be worse. But I'd encourage you. Find a comfortable spot. A coffee shop, a lake, a beach (or a simulation of a a lawn chair and a water bottle with the "Sounds of the Ocean" cd playing in the background). Take a  mental break. Be grateful for the small things in life. And if you choose to check out the couch...I'll make room for you.

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