Thursday, May 2, 2013

A conversation...

Let's start a conversation...
This might be a blog post or article eventually...but for now, it is just a conversation. A chance for some dialogue. A civil conversation.

Last week I had the privilege of being part of a women's empowerment seminar hosted by Agnes Scott College and CPAC. This was the last of four seminars and we talked a lot on the issue of domestic violence and trafficking.

During the discussion, one of the other panelists who works with immigrants in the Atlanta area expressed frustration with the anti trafficking laws and programs Georgia has created because they rarely provide help for immigrant women being trafficked...particularly if they are illegal immigrants. My understanding of VAWA act and TVPRA is that there are services and help available to immigrant women who are being trafficked but according to the panelists, GA laws on illegal immigrants means that these women will be deported rather than helped...and that knowing this makes them afraid to come forward.

Another point was made that there are no services for boys who have been trafficked nor are there any that focus on LGBT homeless youth who are trafficked. My research has only found one homeless shelter specifically for LGBT youth and they have six beds. And no services for the boys.

My thoughts are that Georgia is making great strides in counter trafficking measures but it is clear we have a ways to go. However, as much as it stinks, money and budgeting will play into that.

My questions are:
What do you think of current legislation?
What do you think of current legislations specifically as it relates to immigrants?
What needs to be done to address needs of boys and LGBT youth?
As we address awareness and treatment, what else can we do to focus on prevention?
Any other opinions or information specifically related to topic?

Please comment below!
Please note any derogatory comments about any groups of people will be deleted immediately.

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  1. the immigration of trafficked women/boys is horrible.. I personally think that they should have a choice of whether to stay in the US or return home.. as for LGBT youth, ugh, there should be more help for them a lot more.. NO ONE should be left homeless regardless of sexual orientation.. Trafficking in it's self is ridiculously inhumane and to most people it's something that they do not totally "get" Our government AND our fellow Americans need to get a grip and realize that this IS happening every single day to hundreds of people... so sad that people are more worried about fighting about gun laws and same- sex marriage than about taking care of our brothers and sisters who are forced into basically slavery....