Friday, January 13, 2017

City Girl

A common conversation I have these days...
"So where you living now?"
"But where in Atlanta?"
"Capitol View."
"Where is that?!"
"Southwest Atlanta."
"But where?"
"A few miles from downtown. In Atlanta."
"OH, you mean you actually live in Atlanta!"
"Yes. That's what I mean."

Is that a common problem for people who live in or near big cities or is just one of those Atlanta things? You know, like the 5,000 roads named "Peachtree" or "What'll you have?" or all of those things that make Atlanta...well, Atlanta.

If someone who lives in Decatur is asked where they live, they'll say Atlanta. If someone from Newnan is asked the same question, they may likely give the same answer. It kind of depends. Those originally from Newnan (for real known as "Newnan-ites") will tell you they are from Newnan and damned proud of it.

Anyway, yes, I live in Atlanta now.

And today I got my library card which makes me feel really "official"!

How I got here is a long, crazy story which I will tell. I'll probably backdate it just in case anyone is ever crazy enough to read my entire blog. But let's just say, it's been a crazy season. I'd actually been thinking of moving to this area for a while. A friend of mine said recently "What if God orchestrated all of this just to get you here?" and I thought "Damn! Weren't there easier ways?!" But now that the dust is settling, I'm really enjoying it. 

There are so many events to go to like Open Mics and Terminus Collective meetings as well as the And Campaign. My new favorite coffee shop (which I loved before but it was so far away!) is Community Grounds and the library is about a half a mile walk. The MARTA station is within walking distance and I may be the only person on the planet who likes MARTA. Possibly because I can read while getting to my destination (I highly discourage reading and driving) and possibly because it makes me feel like a city girl. I appreciate good staging and public transportation is definitely a city girl kind of thing to do.

I still like Newnan and I miss it a bit. But I have good friends really close and this seems like a good start for new adventures. A friend of mine recently challenged me to think of this season as a blank canvas. And this seems like a good place to start creating something...perhaps not new, but definitely different. 

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