Friday, June 12, 2015

Hearing Bells (and Putting Things In Perspective)

The other day I found myself in a park reading...just for the sheer joy of it. Which is unusual for me but this is a particularly not busy season so I make time for things like reading in the park. The book was really good so I was pretty intensely focused but every now and then something would drag my attention from what I was reading...

Finally, I came back to reality enough to wonder, "Is that bells?" I listened intently for a few moments but heard no bells or anything else that should have caught my attention so I went back to reading. But I was a bit distracted listening for the possibility of bells.

I heard it again. I looked around. No source for the bells. I went back to reading...and several minutes later, heard it again. At this point, I was a bit frustrated. And concerned. Was I imagining the bells? Is this where my sanity finally said it's goodbye? Was I-in fact-losing it right there on the bench???

I sat and listened. Nothing. Finally, I looked up.

In the tree above me, wind chimes! I was actually hearing bells...or something very close! And could happily hold on to my sanity for a little while longer!

I spend a lot of time making situations worse than they actually are. I worry over things. I over think things. I rehash situations so that by the time I get home from a social situation, I have thought through everything I said, every interaction, get the point.

And believe it or not, this is me better. I used to be a lot worse. I am learning. Oftentimes, to change your view of a situation, you need a little perspective. Take a breath. Look around. Look up and see the windchimes. It doesn't come have to remind yourself, discipline yourself, talk to yourself. But it is definitely worth it. If for no other reason than you go from oncoming insanity to enjoying the windchimes in the breeze.

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