Monday, November 4, 2013

New Journeys and Dreams

I once learned that the Hebrews had no actual word for repentance. Instead, they call it "Teshuvah" which can quite literally be translated "a new journey" or "return" This is because the concept of teshuvah doesn't just mean saying "I'm sorry" but also a true repentance and a new behavior. I'd encourage you to research the full's quite beautiful.

I've always loved the concept. But I have to tell you the other day I was thinking I'd had too many "new journeys" in my life. It had hit me that I'm on a new journey right now...and that I have no idea where we are going or what I will be doing or what it will look like once we get there. I sort of went "another one...really Lord?"

And suddenly, I realized I had the title for my book. That book I've always wanted to write but haven't. That goal I set for myself back when I was nine years old writing really cheesey fiction stories and poetry that was just...well, bad.

I am resolving to write it. I am not resolving to get it published. We'll see what it looks like at the end of it. I'm giving myself a year. My computer died and even the most gifted hands could not resurrect it so I'm writing everything in notebooks and then putting it on the blog. I have a special notebook for the book since I'm not planning on putting it on here (at least, not yet planning to) and it feels more like a journal.

Working on this has made me curious...what is that one thing that you want to do but haven't? Why haven't you? What's holding you back?

Feel free to share!

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