Saturday, March 2, 2013

I Got Called...Part 3

Okay, okay...I never intended for this to become a trilogy. But Embree was there and kind of demanded it (in a completely non brat like kind of way)...And I can't resist.

If you haven't read "I Got Called..." Parts 1&2 you might be confused but they aren't necessary. However, if you feel like your life isn't complete: Part One and Part Two.

And now, we present

I Got Called "Nice Lady" in Wal-Mart
So here is the scenario. It's about 10:30 at night. I haven't eaten all day...well, I mean, I ate two Samoa cookies but I really don't think I need to confess that...right? Bree and I have just left rehearsal and we need to pick up groceries for dinner. I decide to go to Wal Mart because I'd returned some things and now I have a gift card (because I can't keep up with receipts apparently).

So we are in Wal Mart and we have just planned the perfect meal. Meatloaf, mac and cheese, corn and biscuits (canned because it is way too late to make real ones!). We are so hungry we are practically salivating. I's kind of a desperate and perhaps a bit pathetic. But we're having our usual Battles fun as well.

We get to the self check out and we total everything up...and we're exactly twenty-five cents short.

Our perfect meal is ruined. I've got to put something back.

Only, without any actual thought, I look at the couple standing at the register in front of us and ask if they have a quarter. Normally I would never do this. First of all, its kind of pitiful to ask strangers for money so you can afford can biscuits. Secondly,'s just pitiful.

The guy feels in his pocket and instead of saying no, turns to the guy in front of him and says "Hey, do you have twenty five cents this nice lady can have?" And the guy-who is talking on his cell phone the entire time-reaches in his pocket and hands the first guy two dimes and a nickel and the first guy hands it to me. It does occur to me to be embarrassed at this point so I start to apologize but both guys and the girl with the first guy are all like "Don't worry about it" and they are so nice and seem genuinely pleased to have helped someone.

And we have our biscuits.

So, here's a few take aways.
1) I have to tell you that both the first guy and the second guy do not look like altruistic do gooder kind of people. The first guy would be the type that many of us would instinctively lock our doors if he walked toward our car. The second guy looked like the type that flip people off in traffic. This is another one of those "don't judge by the cover" lessons. I mean, I wasn't afraid of either of them but if you'd put them in a line up and asked me which of the two men would most likely be generous to me that day, I wouldn't have said them. And I-for the most part-and pretty open minded. I mean, I know a wide variety of people and have known some good hearted red necks and scumbags alike. Don't just automatically discount people because of their age, sense of fashion, or overall look. Give everyone a chance to be someone special, to do something good, to make someone's day.

2) Ask for help. We all love to be independent and "I got this" but it's okay to be vulnerable and let others help you.

3) Random acts of kindness go a long way. I cannot even tell you how that made my day. The generous and sweet way that was handled. He could have said "this lady" or "them" or anything but he called me "nice" I thought how Eugene Cho told the story of trying to identify with the homeless so he sat outside a store for three days with a hat for change. He collected a fair amount of change but not once did someone look him in the eyes. We have to give people their humanity no matter how much change we give or don't give them.

And in case you are wondering...the meal was delicious.

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