Friday, November 23, 2012

Christmas Shopping and Random Reads

Okay! Thanksgiving is over and I can officially think about Christmas!

Give me a break, I'm a one holiday at a time kind of girl...there is way too much going on in life for me to think about turkey and mistletoe at the same time!

So...the kids have given me their wish lists. Trey, having not forgotten the lesson he learned two years ago, is very specific about the video games he wants. Bree has everything from books to make up to henna kits.

While you are doing your shopping, here are two great tools to help you buy that perfect gift while making an impact for social justice (thanks to Not For Sale)
 Purchase With Purpose
Apparel Industry Trends

And...just for the record...if I'm on your, candy, books. You can't go wrong. (LOL)

For those of you who don't know, I'm kind of a dork (if you have met me or read one of my blogs, you know I'm a dork...but I always hope there is just one person out there who hasn't figured it out yet and reads that statement with a gasp of surprise). I tend to read a lot. And try to read between 3-5 articles a day. Just for the heck of it, I thought I'd share a few of the most interesting I've read lately.

Disclaimer 1: If you and I are friends on Facebook or you follow me on Twitter, I've already shared these. Disclaimer 2: Facebook is for people I actually know. Twitter is for everyone. If you "friend" me on Facebook and I don't know you...I won't accept it. Sorry.

1) Whether you agree with everything Rachel Held Evans says or not, she definitely knows how to start a conversation. I really enjoyed this post on politics and evangelicals. "The Real Evangelical Disaster"

2) If you don't subscribe to Fast Company's emails, you should. "The 20 Minute Exercise to Eradicate Negative Thinking"

3) Try to look at things from someone else's views. "An Open Letter" Part 1

4) Are we willing to sacrifice our dignity for shoes?

5) Just for fun...the 50 worst movies ever made (per someone else's opinion of course)

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