Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Celebrity Crushes

To those who actually read this...
At the end, you will wonder "why in the world did she write this?"
And the answer is simply...it was one of those random posts, floating around in my head.

So...Catalyst is this week. I'm going to be there. Jen Hatmaker is going to be there.
I've been on Twitter and Facebook trying to gently suggest to Jen Hatmaker that she stop by the Wellspring Living booth....specifically on Thursday. Because that's my day to work the booth.

And by "gently suggest", I might mean begging.

It is slightly possible that she has gotten on my Twitter page long enough to right click and save my profile picture, print it out, and hand it to Catalyst security with the instructions "keep this psycho away from me".

Some of you are wondering who Jen Hatmaker is...There was a time I didn't know either. Till a friend and coworker suggested I follow her on Twitter and check out her blog. You should google it. Read her blog, read her books.

I'm a fan.

It's odd when I think about it. I don't get celebrity crushes on actor celebrities or musician celebrities (okay, well not since I was 17 anyway...). I get crushes on celebrities like William Wilberforce, Donald Miller...and Jen Hatmaker. People who have significantly changed how I look at life, walk my Christian walk and interact with my children. People who are willing to share, be transparent...

It's almost like they are allowing us to get to know them and so therefore they should know us. I mean, after all...we have so much in common.

Take Jen and I...
She loves Jesus. I love Jesus.
She loves coffee. I love coffee.
She creatively threatens her children. I creatively threaten my children.

Obviously we are meant to be friends! We have so much in common!
She just needs to know that I exist and she would instantly recognize the connection! Right?


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